Everything You Need to Know About BioELN

Discover the benefits of BioELN and how it can help you unleash the full potential of your data. Empower your team with this high quality solution for smarter science

Everything You Need to Know About BioELN

Lab notebooks are a foundational bedrock of science. More than simply a holding place for information, lab notebooks bridge the gap between observation and discovery. Once something is in a lab notebook, it’s science.

Storing protocols, recording procedures, and protecting results are critical functions lab notebooks facilitate. Without them, science descends into chaos.

Biological laboratory notebooks have a particularly challenging role. These notebooks must manage diverse datasets, from molecular assays and in vitro screens to multipronged animal studies. The wide range of experiments these notebooks handle can make it difficult to protect essential functions such as seamless communication, scalability, and searchability.

That’s where electronic lab notebook solutions, like BioELN from Revvity Signals, can make a difference. These platforms are so much more than simply a lab notebook—they can instantly adapt to your team’s needs, and they come preprogrammed with your success in mind. Electronic lab notebook solutions should support FAIR data principles—making data.

Electronic lab notebook solutions must:

  • Store and protect intellectual property
  • Seamlessly analyze and integrate wet lab data
  • Increase experimental transparency across diverse teams
  • Standardize protocols and streamline the transfer of knowledge
  • Facilitate clear and open communication among colleagues

Modern notebook solutions must be easy to use while protecting complex datasets. They must facilitate transparent cross-team communication and also support cutting-edge assays for industry leading experts. The BioELN Solution from Revvity Signals is up for this challenge.

What Makes an Excellent Electronic Lab Notebook Platform?

Great electronic notebook solutions ensure smooth cross-team communication, collaboration, and discovery. But how can you identify a high-quality solution?

Great electronic notebook solutions will:

  • Seamlessly handle communication between diverse teams (i.e., biologists, chemists, managers, and stakeholders) while being quickly sharable, searchable, and scalable.
  • Provide a complete end-to-end solution allowing users to create, configure, consume, and collaborate on a single platform.
  • Deliver an accessible, intuitive, low/no-code environment for knowledge management.
  • Simplify the day-to-day life of your team by integrating all protocols, workflows, notes, analysis, and data into one user-friendly platform.
  • Be infinitely adaptable to deliver effortless integration regardless of assay type with universal flexibility.
  • Streamline the discovery process with SPOTFIRE integration using Signals VitroVivo.

Who Needs an Electronic Notebook Solution?

Early-stage companies often partner with external vendors who need a dependable vessel to communicate results, distribute resources, and identify roadblocks. While larger corporations need a solution to centralize their data sharing and scale with their growth.

Therefore, scientific pioneers of any size, from the smallest start-up to well-established pharmaceutical companies, benefit from the efficient knowledge management of a reliable electronic notebook solution.

High-quality solutions empower teams to focus on the science, not administrative work.

Well-integrated lab notebook solutions save time and resources by streamlining communication and
ensuring consistency. Naturally, this results in faster discoveries and cost savings across the board.

Critical Questions & Considerations

In the previous section, we outlined what makes a high-quality lab notebook solution. Now, we will outline the essential questions to ask when comparing platforms to ensure your notebook works perfectly for your team.

Can this solution support all of the assays we conduct?
- Is it well organized and integrated with our specific workflows?

How will the solution protect our intellectual property?
- Does it help you ensure that your data will be both secure and compliant?

Does it scale with the size of our company?
- Is it easily searchable?

Is the solution easy to use?
- Will it slow down our team? Or will it empower us to complete experiments more efficiently?

Does this solution use automation well?
- Can it create experimental templates to save time and ensure consistency?

Is the solution designed for end-to-end use?
- Can the same system take you from experimental design through data analysis?

Will the solution adapt to the specific needs of our team?
- Is it inherently flexible by design?

Can the solution help our team transform data into actionable results more efficiently?
Ensure you have an excellent experience by partnering with a trusted provider with decades of experience like Revvity Signals.

Start Your Journey

Efficient knowledge management and communication strategies are a foundational need in data-driven R&D organizations. Revvity Signals can bring your approach into the modern age with our BioELN solution.

Experience the full potential of your data with a functional BioELN solution to support your team. Our platform performs everything you need directly out of the box, so you can start transforming data into discoveries.

Revvity Signals, the maker of ChemDraw, is a trusted expert in the BioELN space with a strong record of empowering scientists for decades.

  • Shareable, searchable, and scalable
  • Seamlessly integrates chemical and biological workflows.
  • Full end-to-end solution
  • Easy and intuitive platform
  • Adaptable and flexible to meet your team’s needs
  • SPOTFIRE integration, curve fitting, and intelligent automation
  • Protects your intellectual property

Your knowledge management solution should be as cutting-edge as your research. Set yourself up for success by partnering with Revvity Signals.