Powerful cloud-native Electronic Laboratory Notebook for multidisciplinary collaboration and scientifically intelligent data management.

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Achieve gains in scientific productivity and creativity with Signals Notebook, the secure cloud-native electronic lab notebook (ELN) for chemistry, biology, research, and formulations. From increased collaboration to securely accessible data, Signals Notebooks accelerates R&D. 

Built from 20 years of knowledge, it's the one ELN powered by ChemDraw and Spotfire® -- creating a powerful solution for all your data management needs.

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Work intuitively in an easy-to-use ELN

  • Capture, organize and customize your data in a modern, user friendly Interface
  • Access data anytime, anywhere, on any device from a secure cloud application
  • Search millions of experiments across many projects quickly and efficiently
  • Collaborate and share insights with colleagues in a permission managed electronic notebook
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Work securely in a permissions-managed ELN 

  • Supports Authentication-Signature approvals and controlled data access
  • Control- Lock-down unchangeable worksheets
  • GxP Validated Environment supported 


Work efficiently in scientifically intelligent ELN

  • Full Microsoft® Office Integration- Use familiar tools within Signals Notebook, featuring Word, Excel, and PowerPoint active integration 
  • Data integration- Easily drag and drop all data types into Signals Notebook
  • Instrument integration- Connect instruments, systems, and services to communicate bidirectionally into Signals Notebook via Signals DLX™️ powered by Scitara®️
  • Integration with 3rd-party applications- RESTful APIs enable easy software integration and data transfer to other applications used in your research
  • Inventory Compound Registration System- Keep track of compounds with Continuous Barcode inventory and registration support
  • Material Request- Create sharable material libraries to support your workflows
  • Search Inventory for Materials- Search for similar, exact, substructure; know when to order/reorder
  • Access Material Safety Data Sheets- Incorporate and access safety info into your protocols
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Collaborate across chemistry and biology

Discovery Chemistry

For medicinal and synthetic chemists, Signals Notebook is the only ELN powered by ChemDraw -- adding chemical intelligence to your research.



Fit-for-purpose functionality brings Signals Notebook to biologists -- enabling collaboration with chemistry peers and multi-modality research.


Industrial Chemistry

Accelerate product development with Signals Notebook to streamline the R&D workflow, enhance productivity and decision-making, and drive innovation.


Signals Notebook- Use Cases from Your Industry Peers

Case Study

Notebook Delivers Unexpected Dividends for a Growing Swedish Pharmaceutical Company


Signals Notebook

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Signals Notebook Continuously Improving with your input!

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The Need for Speed

Signals Notebook is built on the same architecture as scalable, high speed sites, such as Twitter and Amazon. It scales elastically and it’s as fast as you need it to be. No more time lost waiting for search results. No more counting the seconds to get to a different part of your experiment. Signals Notebook gets you there in sub-seconds.

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Always Improving

Signals Notebook is continuously improving with updates every 4-6 weeks. New features are automatically available to turbo-charge R&D workflows and drive informed decisions by optimizing the reuse of data. No downloads. No IT work. With Signals Notebook, you’ll get the most advanced end-to-end scientific workflow solutions for enhanced collaboration and data management.