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Revvity Signals Software delivers data capture and analytics solutions to advance food and flavor recipes development, speeding product to market cycle.

Accelerate recipe development
Enhance productivity and collaboration
Reduce compliance risks
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Streamline Food and Flavor Recipe Development Workflow

Experience the power of Signals Research platform with our interactive demo of Signals Notebook and Inventa for Food Science R&D.

-Ingredient properties management
-Inventory management
-Recipe table management
-ChemDraw integration
-Powerful data analytics and visualization engine

Better data accelerates food science innovation

Better data accelerates food science innovation

The road to bring a new flavored or aromatic product to market has multiple off-ramps. And you don’t have GPS.

You do have data. Lots of it. How can you be sure it will lead you to your goal fast enough, or if you have the right combination of factors to make your new creation successful? Whether your area of focus is manipulating volatile molecules to develop new aromas or coating applications that ensure purity and freshness, you need to efficiently develop new formulations, or modify existing ones, conduct tests, and analyze results. You also need the insights and flexibility to pursue secondary options if they offer a better payoff.

Which coating can best protect against cross-contamination, bacteria, and pathogens? What critical ingredients will enable customers to make novel, environmentally friendly products while decreasing cost and time?

Signals Software delivers data capture and analytics solutions to advance formulations—getting you or your customers to market faster.  See what one of our customers has to say.


Looking to accelerate your food, flavor, and fragrance R&D?

Signals Software solutions accelerate your recipe development by helping you understand the relationships between components and product performance and enables you to make insightful decisions based on predictive modeling. Powerful, highly scalable, and intelligent, our integrated solutions leverage Signals Software's decades of experience in designing solutions for real-world problems.
We understand the hurdles you face in your race to market, and we’ve built into our solutions what you need to:  

  • Invest in making the right formulations
  • Make great decisions
  • Collaborate effectively

What our customers are saying

As we grow, we found the capability to search easily through all of our experimentation data is one of the primary reasons we moved to an ELN

Color Synthesis Solutions

On average, researchers save 9 hours per week while using an ELN. For some, time savings amount to 17 hours/week

Birla Carbon

Merck KGaA - Merck’s electronic subsidiary, implemented ELN to significantly improve searchability of R&D data and improve information security by improved data access control

Merck KGaA

ELN is awesome! Definitely time-saving in the long-term with the efficient search tool


Integrated tools for your innovation journey

Each of our specialized solutions targets specific challenges that stand between you and the marketplace; together, they offer an end-to-end way to capture, manage, and analyze data so you’re making the best choices throughout the entire product development process (NPD)

Signals Research Suite

Capture, manage, and share experiment data and research notes securely, in an environment built on the foundation of Signals Research Platform.

Signals Research Suite
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Signals Notebook

The premier cloud-based electronic lab notebook for biologists and chemists to collaborate, capture, organize, share, and explore data.

Signals Notebook
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Revvity, the exclusive provider of Spotfire® for scientific and clinical R&D applications, empowers your team to drive data-driven decisions.

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Since 1985, ChemDraw® has provided powerful chemistry communication to help you quickly turn ideas and drawings into publications you can be proud of.

ChemDraw feature card image
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