Exploring the Ideas Portal - Your Next Big Idea Might be the Future of Signals Notebook, Inventa or VitroVivo

There are countless scientists at the bench right at this very moment who have the next big upgrade to Signals Notebook, Signals Inventa, Signals Image Artist, ChemOffice Professional, Lead Discovery or Signals VitroVivo rattling around in the back of their minds.

How do we know?

You, our customers, are our secret weapon.

For more than 35 years ChemDraw users have been providing essential feedback for next generation upgrades and improvements. Whether in the chemistry, biological research, environmental sciences or food markets, we’ve always sought out the input of those who use our platforms every day.

Users have lots of ideas for useful improvements to the products. We want to hear your ideas and work with you to improve product usability. To do this, we’ve created the Ideas Portal. [You can visit the Revvity Signals Ideas Portal here, and submit ideas or see what improvements other customers have suggested.]

What is the Ideas Portal? 
It’s a customer community which helps drive updates to the products you use. Using the Portal, you can:

  • Submit product improvement ideas to enhance product usability
  • Vote on other user’s suggestions
  • Check the status of submissions

Sometimes we combine a number of ideas into a broader product enhancement, or use submitted ideas as an inspiration for future updates or product usability changes. (In fact, many of our initiatives are customer-driven!)

Another benefit to exploring the Portal is that you gain a better understanding of the product by seeing how other customers are using it.

Which Products Does the Ideas Portal Cover? 
Currently, you can submit suggestions for the following products: Signal Notebook, Signals Inventa, Signals VitroVivo, ChemOffice Professional, and Lead Discovery Premium.

How You Can Reap the Benefits of the Ideas Portal 
While you might not have heard of the Ideas Portal or perhaps have never submitted feedback or a request to a product team, all Revvity Signals users are benefiting from customer-driven enhancements.

A SNEAK PEEK! Currently in development is an overhaul of the Task Management system and Nested Picklists, both of which were frequently requested by customers.

Other recently released customer-requested features include: enhanced previews for internal references, inclusion of the samples as usable chemical libraries for ChemDraw reactions, and many other usability enhancements.

In the short time the Portal has been active, we’ve already implemented 20 ideas in Revvity Signals products!

Overcoming Business Blocks 
There are ‘nice to have’ features (what we call ‘quality of life’ requests), and then there are the ‘showstoppers.’ Showstoppers are ideas which overcome an issue that is blocking your milestones and thwarting progress. For example, a showstopper issue may stop you from rolling out a product to users without the requested feature or enhancement. Showstoppers are not typically addressed in the Ideas Portal, but rather are handled on an expedited basis via Client Service Managers (Services/Support).

If you have a Showstopper issue, contact your Client Service Manager immediately! But, if you’ve got a Quality of Life request, well, the Ideas Portal is the right place for you!

I have an idea. What should I do? 
If you want to submit an idea to the Portal, here’s what you need to know.

First things first: you’ll want to check if your idea has already been submitted. If it has, upvote it!

All of your idea submissions should address the following questions:

  • Where is the issue you’re encountering related to your idea?
  • What new feature do you think will improve your user experience?
  • Why do you want this new feature? (This is particularly important, since it helps the Product Team better understand the issue and determine the best possible solution.) Share why you want this feature, what problem are you trying to solve and how your proposed solution will be used.

Submitting an idea is as simple as clicking the ‘Add a New Idea’ button. Once you’ve filled out the fields, click the ‘Share Idea’ button.

[Have additional questions about using the Ideas Portal? Check out our FAQ here.]

I Like Someone Else’s Idea. 
How do I vote for it or comment on it? 
We designed the Ideas Portal as a community where you can voice your support for other user ideas, in addition to submitting your own. If you see an idea that you feel should be added to the product update roadmap, let us know by voting for it. All you need to do is click the gray vote counter to the left of the idea. (Clicking on the counter again will remove your vote.)

Say you want to add a comment to another user's idea, just click the idea to open it. Enter your thoughts into the ‘Comments’ field and click the ‘Post Comment’ button.

Understanding Ideas Portal Status Labels 
What do the status labels mean? Each submitted idea displays a label indicating the current status of the idea. These include:

  • In Review 
    The idea is being reviewed by the product team.
  • Already exists 
    The idea is a duplicate for a similar idea submission already in the portal. In this case, a link to the previously existing submission is provided for you.
  • Will not implement 
    The idea has been reviewed by product management and a determination was made that the idea will not be added to the product update roadmap. We will include a comment to let you know why this feature will not be implemented.
  • Future consideration 
    The idea has been reviewed by product management and is in the process of receiving votes from the user community.
  • On Roadmap 
    The idea has been added to our product update roadmap but has not been assigned a targeted timeframe.
  • Short Term Target 
    The idea has been added to our product update roadmap and is targeted for release in the next 3-6 months.
  • Long Term Target 
    The idea has been added to our product update roadmap and is targeted for release in the next 6-12 months.
  • Shipped 
    The idea has been implemented in the product!
  • Submitted to Spotfire® 
    The idea pertains to a Spotfire® product and has been submitted to the Spotfire® team for their consideration.

How Do I Know if My Idea is Worthwhile? 
Our tools are only successful when they improve your workflows and work product. There’s no such thing as a bad idea. Your engagement in the Portal is critical for improving product usability, ensuring product development serves your ongoing wants and needs.

If your enhancement request solves a problem you are having, there’s a good chance other users are facing the same challenge. While we don’t incorporate every single product enhancement suggestion, if other users are facing the same issue (upvoting your idea) and it aligns with the product roadmap, the product teams will give its inclusion serious consideration.

How Do I Access the Revvity Signals Ideas Portal? 
Simply visit the Portal and enter your email address in the sign-in field. If you have a Revvity Signals login, enter your email address and password and click ‘Login’. For those who do not yet have an account, enter the requested information under the New User Registration section and click ‘Register”.

Visit the Ideas Portal today to get started improving your favorite tool!

Anne Ballard
Signals Notebook Product Manager – Customer Success, Revvity Signals Software, Inc.

Anne Ballard is a product manager for Signals Notebook focusing on Customer requested enhancements to core functionality. Prior to her work at Revvity Signals, she worked building software solutions to connect laboratories with their clinical clients. She has a background in molecular biology and genetics and earned a Masters in biology from American University.