Clinical Analytics

Inform clinical decisions and visually explore data with powerful Spotfire analytics facilitated by near real-time access to analytics ready data to help you accelerate decisions and get new treatments to patients faster.

Signals™ Clinical
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Scale the Delivery of Analytics with Signals Clinical

Spotfire is an easy-to-use analytics platform that is helps clinical researchers quickly uncover insights from clinical trial data.  Spotfire easily accesses analysis ready data in Signals Clinical to enable self-service clinical analytics at biopharmas and CROs of all sizes globally.

Rapid, actionable clinical data insights

Rapid, actionable clinical data insights

  • End-to-end clinical data science platform facilitates near real-time access to analysis ready data
  • Fast, flexible Spotfire analytics to explore clinical trial data for proactive decision-making
  • Integrated functionality for Clinical Data Review, workflow-based Medical Review, Line Listing Review, Risk-based Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Operations, Efficacy Analysis, and more.
Accelerate clinical insights

Accelerate clinical insights

Experience the power of fast, flexible clinical trial analytics to support clinical and operational decisions and speed promising treatments to market.

Clinical trial efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

Clinical trial efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

Uncover insights on Adverse Event under-reporting, with fast access to critical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  


Adaptive analytics to accelerate clinical development

Signals Clinical

Signals Clinical is an end-to-end clinical data science platform that facilitates the rapid delivery of deep insights into clinical trial data

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Deliver fast, flexible clinical analytics using the power of Spotfire

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Clinical Data Review

Enable active study data review to effectively monitor trial safety, efficacy, & data quality across the entire portfolio

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Medical Review

Accelerate medical review with guided medical monitoring processes including safety analysis and line listing review while preventing study biasing.

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Risk-Based Monitoring

Centrally monitor key risks by better forecasting challenges and risks unique to each protocol or therapy

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Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

Visual analytics to accelerate the response to safety issues while facilitating regulatory compliance

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The Revvity Clinical analytics platform, powered by global analytics leader Spotfire™, provides a portfolio of purpose-built solutions that help improve efficiency across functional teams within Clinical Development. Our solutions support every use case, are fully customizable, and can harmonize real-time access to data from multiple sources throughout all phases of clinical development.

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