How to Power R&D Workflow Digital Transformation with Integration-Ready SaaS Applications

Undergoing a digital transformation across all business areas represents a foundational shift in how organizations operate and deliver value. However, factors such as complex legacy systems, stringent regulatory requirements, and continued use of manual processes impede rapid digital innovation. But there’s a solution. Integration-ready Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can power your digital transformation, making processes, collaboration, and communication throughout a company or global partners more efficient.  In turn, costs are reduced, and the drug development cycle accelerated.


Integration-Ready SaaS

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) are known as the queen of enterprise informatics software for R&D organizations. They act as the central hub for data capture, analysis, and reporting. Many R&D workflows require integrations between applications or with instruments to achieve their goals seamlessly. 

Recognizing the challenges faced by IT personnel, solutions architects, and business analysts supporting enterprise informatics software in pharma and non-pharma R&D, Revvity Signals designed its cloud-native Signals Research Suite, an enterprise SaaS application, to offer practical, powerful benefits based on an integration-ready design philosophy.

Signals Notebook, a key component of Signals Research Suite, provides the building blocks to quickly and securely achieve your integration needs. With a robust modern API, an extensible GUI, and various integration layers, Signals Notebook provides the flexibility you need to digitize your workspace.

Ultimately, our integration-ready design philosophy ensures that R&D teams can spend time doing the work of science instead of digital troubleshooting.


Driving Digital Transformation with Integration-Ready SaaS Applications

When embarking on your digital transformation journey, you’ll want to consider the extensibility and flexibility of your software needs, including cross-application integrations and communication. With the correct set of building blocks, you can create seamless workflows for your scientists while ensuring data quality, security, and reduction of human error. Integration-ready SaaS applications will allow you to continually innovate and adapt to modern workflows in your tech stack. 

Signals Research Suite is designed with interfacing capabilities in its core architecture. The application is an assembly of tightly integrated microservices. A variety of integration touchpoints are provided out of the box, which are tailored to specific workflows and enable a variety of outbound and inbound communication.

Global implementations with integration across multiple systems require deep discussions, careful planning, and in many cases, development of broker services that lie between the systems. Integration-ready SaaS applications help keep things simple.

"We believe you don't have to let complexity hinder your digital transformation journey. Our integration capabilities enable organizations to digitally transform their R&D workflows at their own pace, without sacrificing the scalability and supportability of their informatics systems." Product Marketing Specialist, Diana Tran, Revvity Signals.


Seamless Integration Framework: Empowering R&D with Effortless Connections

Integration-ready SaaS applications, like the Signals Notebook ELN, bring numerous benefits to R&D teams, including:

  • Seamless integration
  • Unified data management
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Intuitive user experience

Signals Notebook ELN harnesses the power of RESTful APIs to connect with existing IT ecosystems and laboratory instruments, minimizing disruption and maximizing the continuity of ongoing research processes.

This seamless integration transforms the R&D workflow, enabling teams to fully leverage their existing investments in IT infrastructure and laboratory instruments, reducing the time and resources required for system upgrades or replacements. With Signals Notebook, researchers can focus on their core scientific work, supported by a digital backbone that simplifies complexity without the need for extensive IT support.

Liberated from mundane data entry (and re-entry) tasks, researchers can dedicate more time to critical research activities, enhancing productivity and accelerating innovation.

As Product Marketing Specialist, Diana Tran, Revvity Signals, explains, “We know integrating new digital tools into established R&D workflows can be challenging, to say the least. Revvity Signals' SaaS solutions like Signals Notebook are thoughtfully designed to fit into existing IT landscapes through seamless integrations and data harmonization. This allows your organization to digitally transform at its own pace while empowering scientists with modern tools that boost their productivity from day one."


Unified Data Management: Centralizing Knowledge for Accelerated Discovery

Signals Notebook offers a transformative advantage in the complex R&D ecosystem by centralizing experimental information in a single repository. That advantage goes beyond storage and management; it dismantles data silos and fosters a collaborative environment. 

Centralizing experimental data ensures that researchers can effortlessly share insights and collaborate, regardless of physical location or role, unlocking the potential of collective intelligence. Collaborative data sharing accelerates the discovery process and significantly reduces the time to market for groundbreaking developments.

A centralized approach streamlines data governance, ensuring consistency and easy accessibility. With all experimental information housed in a single, secure location, researchers and decision-makers gain a holistic view of their data landscape. This comprehensive visibility facilitates informed decision-making and fosters innovative research outcomes.

Effective data management, particularly with the vast amounts of data required in drug development, is foundational to successful R&D. Signals Notebook was designed with that in mind. It centralizes experimental information, providing a holistic view of the data landscape making insights clearer and informed decisions easier.


Intuitive User Experience Moving Digital Transformation Forward

Signals Notebook is designed to be scientist-centric. It’s intuitive. Users easily learn how to access and use functions, mastering the application without time away from the lab for extensive training. It delivers:

  • Ease of data manipulation and customization with a user-friendly interface
  • Data security and availability 24/7, easing collaboration across time zones
  • Full integration with tools you already use, such as Microsoft Office
  • Inventory tracking and management.


Integration-Ready Applications in Action 

As an example of what is possible with integration-ready SaaS applications, Revvity Signals and Titian collaborated to create a seamless, off-the-shelf integration between Revvity Signals Notebook and Titian Mosaic Sample Management Software

This integration allows substance registration data to flow automatically from Signals Notebook Materials Registration to Mosaic’s inventory management and workflow tools, enabling a streamlined workflow for scientists to register, track, and manage their samples across both systems without manual data entry.

This collaborative integration is an important example of what’s possible using the standard Revvity Signals APIs. In this case, the integration:

  • Provides a unified view of materials throughout the R&D lifecycle, enhancing decision-making and driving innovation.
  • Automates the flow of substance data between Signals Notebook and Mosaic, eliminating the need for manual data entry and increasing efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Enables researchers to leverage advanced sample management capabilities, such as storage overview, control of automation, sample requesting, and labware tracking, without the need to manually transfer data between systems.
  • Streamlines the workflow between material registration and sample management, saving scientists time and effort.

Best of all, this is now a standard vendor-supported integration, available to users of both platforms.


Embrace the Future: Drive Your Digital Transformation with Revvity Signals

Revvity Signals’ Professional Services Consultants have extensive experience developing and implementing new workflows with Signals Notebook at their core. Discover how integration-ready SaaS applications can simplify and streamline your R&D workflows and foster collaboration and innovation by requesting a demo today. 


Diana Tran
Sr. Product Marketing Specialist for Signals Notebook

Diana Tran leverages over 10 years of healthcare and biotech experience in her role as Senior Product Marketing Specialist for Signals Notebook at Revvity Signals Software, Inc. She joined Revvity Signals over 4 years ago and is responsible for go-to-market strategy, positioning, and messaging for Signals Notebook.

Ms. Tran earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Health Science from MCPHS University in 2013. Since then, she has worked across various roles that have allowed her to develop specialized expertise at the intersection of science, technology, and marketing.