Insider Insights: Revolutionizing Clinical Research with Revvity Signals

Welcome to Part Two of our three-part series talking with the Revvity Signals leadership team. Today, we’re talking with Brent Meyers, Director of Clinical Analytics Product Portfolio, as he provides valuable insights into the clinical research domain and how Revvity Signals supports clinical development professionals.

Read on to discover Brent’s perspective on the unique offerings of our clinical analytics solutions – and his vision for the future of clinical research software.

Let’s get to know Brent a little first!

Q: Who is Brent Meyers, and what inspired your interest in clinical software?
A: My professional focus has centered on, "how do you effectively communicate information?” Clinical trials are particularly interesting as they present a broad and deep spectrum of data and use cases that directly impact human health. I began my career in the US Navy, leading technical teams and operations. This experience sparked my interest in building teams to solve complex technical goals and understanding how to ask the right questions. I, then, ventured into analytics applications focusing on effective data communications at NorthropGrumman. This lead to clinical analytics applications at two Contract Research Organizations: IQVIA and PPD.

Now, at Revvity, I get the best of all worlds. I built the clinical services consulting team and now work on product strategy, marketing, and business development for our clinical research and analytics software solutions.

Q: What sets Revvity Signals apart in the clinical research space?
A: For me (and many of our customers), Revvity Signals stands out by covering the entire spectrum of clinical research from early discovery to human trials. We’ve assisted the industry's evolution from rudimentary lab processes to electronic documentation and collaborative analysis. Our ability to adapt to varied clinical questions and the Signals platform’s ability to manage large clinical data sets, foster collaboration and streamline sound decision-making makes us unique.

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Q: Can you share an impactful success story from a Revvity Signals User?
A: We’ve supported Regeneron’s medical monitoring analytics for over six years, evolving our solutions to match their changing needs. In fact, the adaptiveness of our technology has helped us provide analytics for their entire medical monitoring function. Every time they launch a new trial, Regeneron’s study teams are astonished to see their current data and audit trial data in an interactive site that is relevant to their role.

What’s most impactful is how our platform adapts to multiple clinical questions depending on a customer’s needs. While the most common are clinical data reviews, it could mean medical review, statistical monitoring questions, pharmacovigilance, dosing information, and post-market analysis. Then there’s the ability to extend these capabilities by managing larger data sets, tracking decision-making, and looking at multiple studies, all with fair data principles that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) driving the process.

Q: What is the vision for the future of Revvity Signals’ clinical solution strategy? What should our customers look forward to?
A: Our vision is to establish a single point of data access and analysis for all clinical development needs. We’re bringing together all the diverse clinical data sources to provide tailored analytics for different roles.  Our guiding philosophy is to provide analytics and workflows that have a balance of customization and standardization.  These analytics and workflows will seamlessly pull data from our platform and also provide means to collaborate. By doing this, customers will enjoy streamlined decision-making and support for more efficient clinical trials.

Q: Are there plans to incorporate emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning for enhanced research capabilities?
A: Absolutely! No conversation about the future of software is complete without a discussion of where AI and machine learning fit in. We're automating data standardization and review processes by leveraging emerging technologies like AI. I am keen to see how we can maintain “clinician in the loop,” while reducing repetitive tasks like Query Management. Mapping data will reduce the time to data access and free up study teams to analyze and act on data.

Q: How does Revvity Signals fit into our customers’ digital transformation journey?
A: We give customers a window into data, enabling them to respond quickly to questions and regulatory demands. Because our software aids customers in overseeing diverse clinical data sources and streamlines decision-making, it aligns with the industry’s shift towards data-driven, efficient clinical trials. We facilitate regulatory compliance, enable rapid trial adjustments, and ultimately accelerate trial outcomes.

Q: What are the key considerations customers should consider when investing in scientific software?
A: It is critical that you look beyond just the features and benefits of the software you’re considering. Look for an organization with a proven track record, demonstrated adaptability and a customer-centered culture. Make sure you speak to existing customers and explore the vendor’s case studies. Ask: Can the software address my current needs and evolve to accommodate new questions?

I would also say that you should assess the vendor’s culture and commitment to its employees – this can give you insights into the quality of their products and services. A positive organizational culture contributes to better product quality and customer service, which often translates into better outcomes for everyone involved.

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Brent Meyers, MBA
Director of Clinical Analytics Product Portfolio

Brent Meyers has been building analytics solutions and leading technical delivery teams for 20 years.  Currently he leads Revvity Signal's Clinical Analytics Product team that directs product management, marketing, and business development.  Prior his work at Revvity Signals, he has designed and built innovative clinical data review, clinical operations, pharmacovigilance, and other analytics solutions at IQVIA and PPD.  Outside of the clinical trial space, Brent has also built analytic solutions for NorthopGrumman and led shipboard technical teams as an officer in the U.S. navy.  Brent holds a BA from The Citadel and an MBA from Meredith College.