Simplify CRO Collaboration & Data Sharing for Drug Discovery Teams with Signals Synergy

Change is difficult. Learning new software is (initially) time consuming. But what if the latest digital tool:

  • Eases collaboration between drug sponsors, CROs and CDMOs around the globe and accelerates drug discovery?
  • Standardizes and smooths the ability to share data, while increasing IP security?
  • Improves visibility into project timelines for sponsors, enabling increased efficiency and resource use?
  • Eliminates non-value-added steps making day-to-day work more efficient?

You’d say, “I need this. Bring it on.”

Drug Development Science Meet Your New Software Partner: Signals Synergy 

Signals Synergy is a game changer. It’s a dedicated discovery informatics solution for biopharmaceutical sponsor and contract partner collaborations and information exchanges.

The new SaaS application extends the already powerful capabilities of Signals Notebook and Signals Research Suite to address collaboration challenges between biopharmaceutical sponsors and global research, development and manufacturing contractors. It accelerates the drug discovery process by:

  • Built-in masking of proprietary codes, properties, and material IDs - taking IP security to a new level.
  • Strengthening contractor and user administration by simplifying project initiation, user onboarding, and security set-up.
  • Facilitating ideation of drug designs and hypotheses in an ideation workspace
  • Including scientifically minded project management tools.
  • Automating the transformation of unstructured CRO reports into consumable digital data.

Common Communication/Collaboration Challenges

Pharma and biotech companies increasingly rely on global contractors (CROs, CDMOs, CMOs, and academic labs) to execute experiments and provide scientific results. With growing data demands, which are part and parcel of today’s drug development needs, traditional communication tools simply aren’t up to the task of seamless collaboration among global teams.

Emails, spreadsheets, and other old-school methods of information-sharing are painfully manual,
inefficient, and error-prone, placing a heavy drag on the drug discovery life cycle. Spreadsheets are constrained in the amount of data they can process efficiently and effectively, which limits the inclusion of large data sets and the visual representations needed for correct data insights.

Signals Synergy's Solution 

Signals Synergy meets this data exchange challenge head-on. Its revolutionary system-level expansion lives up to its name by bringing together a variety of components in a unified SaaS application that is greater than the sum of its parts. When added to Signals Notebook or Signals Research Suite, it empowers users in pharma and biotech companies to go deeper into the data, seeing patterns and learnings beyond what was possible when working with emails and spreadsheets. Strong visual capabilities illuminate the data - what could have been missed previously is now clearly seen. Errors are reduced and ideas enhanced.

Challenge: Complex Data Management

Sponsors and CROs make decisions based on what the data tells them. The ability to extract and curate unstructured data determines both the timeliness and accuracy of their decisions. Harmonization and automated transformation of unstructured reports has been an ongoing problem for decision makers when data received is in a variety of formats. Advanced analytics and visualization require columnar data that is digitally consumable.

Signals Synergy's Solution

Signals Synergy ends the unstructured data nightmare by providing long wished for benefits for scientists and decision makers. Users can now automatically transform multi-tabular CRO and CDMO data reports into structured columnar data tables that are computer consumable in the sponsors’ analytics and visualization workflows, ending a previously cumbersome and inefficient process.

Challenge: Administration & Project Management

Without unified project management, biopharmaceutical sponsors face difficulties in managing multiple projects from different contractor organizations. Oversight is weak and inefficient, with limited visibility of project stages, milestones, and completeness. This increases the failure rate in development and discovery.

Signals Synergy's Solution

Signals Synergy SaaS application addresses biopharmaceutical sponsors’ concerns about project milestone visibility with dedicated sponsor-contractor workflows and by including project management tools such as Kanban-style work queues. For example, work orders in Kanban Boards allow sponsors to track and see all projects while CRO managers only see the work assigned specifically to them. This enables sponsors to easily search work types, e.g., assays, and get a quick idea of the status of individual projects.

Challenge: Data Sharing Security Concerns

When sharing information with external entities like CROs and CDMOs, the present tools are insufficient to maintain strict security regarding intellectual property (IP). It’s a daily challenge to ensure each contractor only has access to relevant data and not proprietary project codes, disease targets, or compound IDs.

Signals Synergy's Solution

Signals Synergy provides a secure, flexible interface when exchanging information with contractors. Each contractor operates solely within a securely segregated slice of the sponsor’s Signals Notebook or Signals Research Suite SaaS tenant. The CROs, CDMOs, and other contracting entities won’t see the other’s work, unless access is explicitly shared with them by the sponsoring organization. The sponsor can configure proprietary properties and identifiers such as project codes or material IDs to control accessibility. It’s a strong upgrade in protecting proprietary information core to the IP of the sponsor, positioning Signals Synergy as the trusted data steward and project management layer between sponsors and contract partners.

Harness The Power, Increase the Trust

Signals Synergy meets the evolving needs of biopharmaceutical sponsor businesses working closely with multiple contracting organizations. It supports and provides the tools for streamlined, efficient collaboration, which can end costly delays and miscommunication. 

Signals Synergy extends the capabilities of Signals Notebook and Signals Research Suite which already increases productivity in scientific research. Together they are a powerhouse that revolutionizes how collaboration works between pharmaceutical and biotech drug sponsors, CROs, CDMOs, and CMOs.

For more information on how Signals Synergy streamlines CRO collaboration, request a demo.

Chris Stumpf
Senior Principal Marketing Professional, Revvity Signals Software, Inc.

Chris Stumpf is a Senior Principal Marketing Professional responsible for Marketing Programs at Revvity Signals Software, Inc.  Chris has over 20 years of experience in the Analytical Instrumentation and Informatics industry spanning Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences to Chemicals & Materials.  He has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry from Purdue University.