Centralize, Track and Empower: Facilitating Good Clinical Data Review in Your Clinical Trial

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Most companies now heavily scrutinize their clinical-trial data in response to ICH E6 R2 and the impending ICH E6 R3. And yet, despite heavy scrutiny, not all companies approach clinical-trial data review with the same degree of rigor, even though how a company manages its data can significantly impact the success of its clinical trial.

Please join us for a live webinar to learn how clinical study teams can maintain good clinical data review by efficiently tracking the data review process, communicating its progress, and monitoring utilization to ensure safety and efficacy in a clinical trial.

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  • Brent Meyers, Revvity Signals, Vice President, Clinical & Translational Analytics
  • Glenn Guthrie, Revvity Signals, Sr. Principal Clinical Practice and Data Science Specialist