Medicinal Chemistry Strategy Meeting Europe 2022

  • Conference
  • 1 June 09 08am BST

Roundtable entitled Democratizing Data-Driven Drug Discovery moderated by Pierre Morieux, Chemistry Product Marketing Manager at Revvity Signals.

Hit to Lead Optimization and Target Discovery Discussion Points

  • The current state of affairs of the ever-growing complexity of Chemistry and Biological Data.
  • Ortho/Meta/Para is so last Century: taking advantage of modern bio-isosteres in the Chemical Space to design the drugs of the Future.
  • Inclusive Drug Discovery: democratizing the Hit-to-Lead process by enabling all scientists to easily search, aggregate, and analyze screening results from disparate sources.
  • A day at the Data Lake: how to achieve the proper level of data curation/integration required to accelerate the Lead Optimization Process.

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