Webinar: TetraScience and PerkinElmer Informatics Partnership – Finding Hidden Signals in your Scientific Data

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ence and PerkinElmer Informatics Partnership – Finding Hidden Signals in your Scientific Data

Recently, TetraScience announced a collaboration with PerkinElmer to provide Signals Research™ Suite customers with accelerated time to value and improved scientific data outcomes. Signals Research Suite, a leading cloud-based electronic lab notebook and informatics platform, is used around the world today by scientists at leading and emerging scientific research organizations to better capture, process, analyze and connect their critical data to help drive more informed R&D and clinical decisions.

With the new collaboration, TetraScience will provide PerkinElmer Signals Research Suite customers with vendor-agnostic, configurable and productized integrations with scientific systems in the laboratory to the Tetra R&D Data Cloud, which engineers and harmonizes heterogenous data formats into “Tetra Data”, a vendor-neutral data model that creates bidirectional data liquidity between Signals Research Suite and connected laboratory instruments.

We’ll cover how the partnership enhances data interoperability and reduces time to scientific outcomes. Topics include:

  • How to gain end-to-end workflow automation much more rapidly, allowing you to ask smarter questions and get faster answers from your research
  • Accelerating deployment, workflow automation, and data analytics to facilitate faster and better scientific insights
  • Benefits gained in common use cases and workflows such as High Throughput Screening

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Featured Speaker:

David Gosalvez, Ph.D. Executive Director Science and Technology at PerkinElmer Informatics

Mike Tarselli, Ph.D., M.B.A. Chief Scientific Officer TetraScience