LIVE WEBINAR: Safety as a Science: Analytics for Trial Safety & Pharmacovigiance

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From medical monitors and biostatisticians to safety and pharmacovigilance scientists, timely and informative data analysis and visualization tools to facilitate in-study safety data review and more extensive pharmacovigilance (PV) are becoming increasingly apparent. 

Learn how to leverage Revvity Signals clinical analytics solutions powered by Spotfire® to tackle safety and pharmacovigilance data quality and collaboration challenges to enable streamlined and better-managed studies and clinical programs.

This Webinar will address: 

  • How CRF safety data review and operational accelerators can drive clinical decision-making 
  • How pooled in-house safety data can drive clinical program decision-making 
  • How a PV database can provide insights into your clinical programs 
  • What we've learned with our partners when analyzing external PV data sources 
  • How data and visualization capabilities can extend from CDR to PV 

8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST     

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