Unlock the Power of Data Review and Collaboration: Maximizing Trial Success

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Accelerating the review of clinical trial data in real-time and enhancing trial efficiency is becoming more important for clinical teams. Dynamic workflows are a solution that streamline the data review process and improve team collaboration, interaction tracking, decision-making, and communication.

Join us to learn how incorporating dynamic workflows in Spotfire® can guide the review process, reducing the need for extensive reviewer training and providing the opportunity to identify early emerging signals and trends.


This Webinar will address: 

  • How to build awareness of data review & trial data monitoring activities 
  • How to fully utilize diverse clinical team expertise more & access data efficiently for review analytics 
  • How data access, team communication tracking, & improved emerging data review can drive better decision-making  


Date: March 23th 

Time: 11:00 EST, 8:00 PDT, 4:00 BST, 5:00 CET 

Title: Unlock the Power of Data Review & Collaboration: Maximizing Trial Success



Brent Meyers: Executive Director, Clinical Analytics Solutions – Revvity Signals 

Philip Ross: Clinical Trial Analytics Champion – Revvity Signals