WEBINAR: Lowering the Energy Barrier to Great Chemistry with ChemDraw & ChemOffice

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Join us and Learn about the latest improvements to ChemDraw that make chemical communication and collaboration more efficient than ever before. With new options for advanced coloring, drawing, and generating native 3D models in PowerPoint, ChemDraw is more than ever an essential asset for anyone working in chemistry. Join us to learn more about how these features can help you accelerate your research, create and communicate professional drawings that will make your peers jealous.

Learn How to:

1. Quickly and efficiently search for, organize and re-use already existing chemistry data with ChemOffice+

2. Use ChemDraw to create publication-ready figures in no time with new and improved hotkeys

3. Use ChemOffice to create presentation-ready PowerPoint slides with native 3D models of molecules in 3MF format.

4. Communicate your chemistry research more effectively with lightning-fast

September 20th at 11:00 EDT, 8:00 PDT, 4:00 BST, 5:00 CEST

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