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      • Keynote - Data capture to decision making - Harnessing the power of data management.
      • Optimizing Compliance in Scientific Research through Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN): Best Practices and Implementation Strategies 
      • Accelerating Formulation Development with Signals Notebook
      • Transforming Startup Dynamics in Pharmaceutical Research: Digitalization for Accelerated Innovation
      • Unlocking Efficiency: Biosimilar Research in Signals Notebook
      India Connect Speakers

      Pierre Morieux, Ph.D., Chemistry Product Marketing Manager and ChemDraw Wizard

      Pierre Morieux is the Chemistry Product Marketing Manager at Revvity Signals, where he helps translate the various needs of chemists into time-saving and discovery-enabling integrated software applications. Before this role, Pierre has been the Global Product and Marketing manager for ChemDraw since 2017, where he has overseen the development and launch of versions 17 through 21 of ChemDraw and the ChemOffice Suite. Pierre was hired by Revvity Signals in 2012 as a Chemistry Field Application Scientist, a position he landed after publishing a viral YouTube video on “How to draw Viagra under 20 sec in ChemDraw”. Pierre holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from the ENSCP Chimie ParisTech (2006), a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010) and did a Postdoc in Bioorganic Chemistry at the ISIS Institute of the University of Strasbourg, France. 

      Rupali Aher Headshot

      Rupali Aher, Head of Digital Excellence at Cipla

      Experienced pharmaceutical industry professional with over 20+ years experience in product development, blended with experience of digital for over 10 years. Expertise in core product development, digital transformation, process re-engineering, and regulatory compliance. Skilled in crafting digital strategies with business priorities in various areas like development labs, regulatory affairs and clinical management to enhance productivity, foster collaboration and improve time to market .Implemented cutting edge digital technologies such as AI, ML, BI, chatbots, and IoT to drive successful enterprise digital initiatives like Electronic lab notebook, SAP processes, Document management system, Modelling and simulation for innovation, Regulatory Information Management system . Strong background in computer system validation (CSV), providing a compliant framework for research activities. Excellent stakeholder management, an expert in leading change management initiatives for more than 1000+ users. facilitating seamless implementation of digital initiatives, and improving employee engagement.

      Dr. Tanvira Paul, Field Application Scientist at Revvity Signals

      By qualification, Dr Tanvira Paul holds a PhD in Biochemistry from VIT, Vellore, India. In her doctoral dissertation, she studied sPLA2 enzyme neutralization activity of snake venom by bioactive compounds isolated and identified from selected mangrove species from the southeast coast of India.

      At Revvity Signals she has the role of Field Application Scientist in Biology. Tanvira is in charge of sharing her technical knowledge through presales presentations, showing how the company's products work, setting them up, and keeping them in good shape. She also assists the sales staff in assessing potential applications of company products to meet customer needs and preparing detailed product specifications for the development and implementation of customer applications/solutions.

      Manish Khandagle headshot

      Dr. Manish Khandagale, Field Application Scientist at Revvity Signals

      Dr. Manish M. Khandagale is a Senior Field Application Specialist on the Revvity Signals Team. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and development, as well as scientific support roles in analytical instruments and scientific software industry. He is responsible for providing technical and strategic support to drive our mission of empowering scientists to make data-driven decisions by utilizing our informatics solutions.

      Ranga Rao, Associate Director of Chemistry at Bugworks Research Inc.

      Mr. Ranga Rao is a chemist with more than 25 years of experience in drug discovery chemistry both in infectious and tropical diseases. He is currently working in Drug discovery chemistry at Bugworks research Inc, involved in managing Contract research organization chemists. Previously he worked at Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD) Singapore and AstraZeneca R and D India involved in drug discovery programs targeting Tuberculosis. African sleeping sickness (HAT) and Dengue fever.