David Gosalvez, Ph.D.

  • Executive Director, Strategy & Informatics Portfolio, Revvity Signals

With two decades of experience in scientific software, David Gosalvez brings a rare combination of technical and domain expertise with broad knowledge across scientific use cases. He is a passionate advocate for improving the efficiency and quality of science via innovative software solutions. As head of Product Strategy, David works with scientists and IT across pharma and chemical industry to set the direction of the Revvity Signals Informatics portfolio. He also works with other scientific software vendors to integrate complimentary capabilities into our solutions. As Director of Cheminformatics, he was responsible for the sustained growth of ChemDraw and Spotfire Lead Discovery. David headed the interdisciplinary Science & Technology team chartered with creating the novel data management technologies that underpinned Revvity Signals platform. David also served as Executive Director of Application Development at CambridgeSoft where he brought to market the Oracle Chemistry Cartridge and ChemBioOffice Enterprise Suite.