Professional Services

Operational expertise to achieve your targeted outcomes using our industry-leading suite of enterprise software solutions. Your unique goals require scientific expertise and our Professional Services engineers are trained to guide you and your organizatio



We are a global force of more than 150 informatics service specialists who implement, monitor, support, and help you adopt digital solutions through successful partnerships. We have deployed effective enterprise software solutions to hundreds of customers worldwide.

From project managers and domain experts to software developers and QA personnel, we bring a deep understanding of your science to informatics challenges.

We continually create the “how” that matches your evolving “what” and “why.” As mentors and trainers, we are dedicated to ensuring end users and decision-makers are comfortably capable using our solutions.

Our application consultants demonstrate daily how Revvity products and solutions expedite our customers’ desired outcomes.



There is no textbook definition for digital transformation, which is why we begin by aligning on customer expectations to properly scope and agree upon our engagement level. Once established, this approach guides our combined teams through implementation, usage and adoption, data migration, and verification, overlaid by a proven governance program.

A comprehensive architecture design follows a phased configuration plan. Requirements workshops inform the plan, workflow design, integration points and migration.

Our iterative process prioritizes robustness, optimal usability, and scalability. We structure a communication plan on outcomes for key stakeholders to support ongoing cycles of work.

The result is an enterprise-wide solution tailored to your culture and your business drivers.



Built for the way you do business, our system configuration promotes use and re-use for your users and groups, and for authentication and systematic libraries management. Templated workflows and standard-practices support cater to needs and efficiencies that are unique to your business.

Tested and validated. Multifaceted, robust, and validated testing is key to quality control and consistent performance. Testing traces back to initial requirements and emphasizes user-acceptance evaluation cycles to promote consistency.

Our infrastructure expertise and software development skills supplement your IT organization, ensuring maximum performance of your Revvity investment.

This has been an incredible journey from the evaluation phase to scoping and now delivering - not letting anything come in the way of us achieving this milestone. There was a true spirit of collaboration and partnership displayed throughout this effort by so many people across teams and different functions! Incredible!

Large Pharma Client