Spotfire® Lead Discovery Premium Biotech Bundle on the AWS Cloud

Advanced scientific data analysis in your cloud, in minutes

Essential tools for developing both small molecule and biologics-based therapies for any company, any size.

For biotech companies that want to experience Spotfire® and Lead Discovery Premium.

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Find out how small companies can be configured with Spotfire® and Lead Discovery Premium 
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Biotech Bundle Benefits:
  • Automated reference deployment built by AWS Solution Architects and Revvity Signals Software
  • Helps to deploy and configure a Spotfire® Server with Lead Discovery Premium to AWS according to AWS best practices
  • Reduces hundreds of manual steps to just a few steps
  • Quick configuration so scientists can use software within minutes

Lead Discovery Premium

Analyze and visualize chemical structure & biological sequence data. Compare and score segment leads based on data-driven multi-parametric optimization.



The Spotfire® Analytics platform empowers scientists to explore their data and instantly visualize and seamlessly share data.


AWS Partner Solution

Biotech bundle with Spotfire® and Lead Discovery Premium is a partner solution on the AWS Cloud



The Signal's Spotfire® Lead Discovery Biotech Bundle provides advanced scientific data analysis tools essential for developing both small molecule and biologics-based therapies.