Streamline data integration workflows with Revvity Signals & Scitara®

Unified platform, optimized productivity

Integrate seamlessly with Revvity's Signals and Scitara's Digital Lab ExchangeTM (DLX) to streamline data workflows. Offload instrument outputs easily to operational and archival systems to reduce IT burden. Pre-built connectors enable rapid enterprise integration, unifying your lab ecosystem for improved productivity.

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Experience automated workflows with Signals DLX, without ever leaving your Signals Notebook™ .

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    No instrument, application left behind

    • Simple devices
    • Instrument applications
    • Informatics systems
    • Web services

    Unique plug-and-play connector technologies ensure unparalleled data connectivity, while flexible, vendor-agnostic configuration tools make it easy to support hundreds of instruments and applications—both old and new.

    • Simple device connectors that support non-PC-based instruments.
    • Instrument application connectors that support multi-directional digital data exchange for PC-based instruments and applications.
    • Informatics and web service connectors that support enterprise informatics applications.
    • Integration capabilities that make it easy to quickly add new devices and applications.
    • QR code technology that scans simple devices and samples on the DLX platform


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    Unlock the power of automation

    • Build event driven lab workflows
    • User and group notification
    • Business logic for data in flight
    • Automated data exchange

    Powerful, intuitive orchestration engine automates most routine, complex and repetitive tasks. And by providing an auditable digital custody chain, it eliminates the need for manual transcription and ensures data integrity.

    • Support for simple instruments, file processing, web services, long tail applications and LIMS/ELN multi-step requests.
    • User and group notifications with data review, confirmation and signoff steps.
    • A powerful parsing engine that identifies and structures key data.
    • Access to data in flight, enabling you to re-shape or perform calculations as needed.


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    Gather vital insights

    • Instrument status/availability
    • Workflow progress
    • Instrument/Application inventory
    • Digital transactional activity

    Event stream and audit trail provide a real-time visualization of digital transactions—and enable each to be captured for analysis. The result? Unprecedented insight into lab operations.

    • Instrument and connection status that improve monitoring.
    • An orchestration dashboard that enables you to track workflow progress and avoid bottlenecks.
    • Compliance for data in flight.
    • User and group notifications with data review, confirmation and signoff steps.


    Lagging vs. leading: bring your lab to the cutting edge

    Yesterday's lab:

    In yesterday's labs, vendor-specific, point-to-point technologies have created significant delays in the advancement of science. Typically, it takes a top-tier pharmaceutical company 5-7 years to deploy across a network of manufacturing and quality sites. By then, the software is already obsolete.

    Your lab with Signals DLX:

    Escape data silos. Transform analytics with DLX inside your Signals platform. Our flexible platform enables rapid integrations, automation, and on-demand connectivity. As needs change, DLX adapts - delivering agile, universal access to mission-critical insights. Lead with insights only DLX makes possible.

    Orchestrate efficiently, unify seamlessly

    Unite instruments, workflows and data in Signals Notebook with DLX technology for seamless lab collaboration.

    Accelerate your research with digital instrument links enabling automated data collection and analysis. 

    Streamline collaboration and reduce documentation by connecting to Signals Notebook across your lab.

    Exchange information seamlessly across platforms through Scitara's iPaaS for a truly integrated lab environment. 

    The fastest route from data to discovery

    Our DLX technology transforms lab infrastructure, eliminating the silos that delay and disrupt critical research.

    Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies within a common digital infrastructure. 

    Automate tasks, enable intelligent user notifications, and exchange data securely across the entire platform.

    Capture and reconstruct data at any time to gather insight into lab operations and accelerate decision-making. 

    Integration platform as a service

    Supports enterprise-wide data flow and data management through pre-built instrument and system connectors deployed in an integrated iPaaS environment. See how to unlock lab automation and drive scientific productivity with Scitara's iPaaS. Watch the discussion between Dave Levy of Scitara and Gerard Conway of Revvity Signals below:

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    Signals DLX use cases

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