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Signals™ Notebook
Quarterly Connect+

Join us at our Signals Notebook Quarterly Connect+ events.
This ongoing Signals Notebook community series will be an opportunity to learn about newly added Signals Notebook functionality and hear how others are using Signals Notebook to improve productivity and data transparency through enhanced collaboration.

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Previous Webinars
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      Join us for an insightful look at how HELM and ELNs work better together. Learn how implementing the HELM standard can enhance chemical and structural representation, ensure consistency, and improve research workflows.  In this session you will:

      • See how the new ChemDraw HELM toolbar helps drawing and communication complex biomolecules, such as modified peptides and nucleic acids
      • See how curated and centralized monomer libraries in Signals Notebook ensure consistency across global R&D teams
      • Gain strategies to optimize digital R&D productivity for the discovery of new drug modalities
      Revvity Signals Software Speakers

      Lindsey Rickershauser

      Lindsey holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Johns Hopkins University under Professor Gary Posner where her research focused on the synthesis of antimalarial therapeutics as well as developing synthetic methodologies. From there, she specialized in the synthesis of stable label isotope molecules in the clinical, diagnostic and forensic testing industries. She turned her focus to the area of cheminformatics in 2017 when she helped to develop, commercialize and launch a leading retrosynthesis software. Having joined Revvity Signals in 2022 as the ChemDraw Product manager, she continues to strive to deliver value and innovation to chemists around the world. 


      Larry Mulcahy

      Larry is a Product Manager for Biologics in the Signals Suite. His scientific training and research background includes biochemistry, molecular biology, endocrinology, and academic drug discovery. He has spent the last several years in software as a scientific solution consultant across industries with a heavy focus on biopharma R&D. 

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      The topic of this Signals Quarterly Connect+ is centered around worksheets and functionality in Signals Notebook in a GxP regulated environment. 

      • Validation principles
      • Release Schedule to Support Validation
      • Roadmap for functional enhancements for GxP Work
      Revvity Signals Software Speakers
      Philip Skinner head shot - male, brown curly hair, blue eyes, and vertical striped blue shirt
      Philip Skinner

      Product Manager, Signals Notebook

      Philip is a Spotfire evangelist, specifically in the lifescience and chemistry communities, and is delighted to bring his experience and passion to provide consulting to customers of Revvity who are using or considering using Spotfire. Prior to joining Revvity, Philip spent a decade working as a medicinal chemist at a San Diego based biotech, progressing GPCR ligands into clinical development for metabolic diseases.  Philip holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Durham and completed postdoctoral studies at the ETH in Zurich. 

      Chris Rundell headshot, male, light brown hair with a beard and mustache, green-brown eyes
      Chris Rundell

      Field Application Scientist

      Chris Rundell is a Field Application Scientist at Revvity Signals Software, working with Signals Notebook, Spotfire and ChemDraw. Prior to this he was a medicinal chemist in industry for a number of years, working mainly in the areas of pain and epilepsy. He holds a PhD in Organic Synthesis from University College London where he worked on synthetic methodology and the total synthesis of natural products. and photo 

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      • Signals for Biologics Workflows, presented by Lawrence Mulcahy
      • Expanding the Horizons: Services at Horizon Discovery, presented by David McClymont
      Revvity Signals Software Speakers
      Larry Mulcahy
      Lawrence Mulcahy

      Product Manager for Biologics, Signals Suite

      Larry is a Product Manager for Biologics in the Signals Suite. His scientific training and research background includes biochemistry, molecular biology, endocrinology, and academic drug discovery. He has spent the last several years in software as a scientific solution consultant across industries with a heavy focus on biopharma R&D.

      David McClymont

      Head of Automation, Horizon Discovery

      David McClymont is the Head of Automation at Horizon discovery. He leads the platform innovation team which brings together cross-functional skills in automation, assay development, DOE, bioinformatics, LIMS and software development. Integrating the disciplines meets untapped opportunities and capacity in biotechnology applications

      He previously designed and built the metabolic pathway engineering system (AMOS) for yeast and e.coli at the London DNA foundry, co-located at Imperial College London. The AMOS system allowed the design and automated build and test of functional metabolic pathways to produce high value chemicals.

      Before that, he was the Head Engineer at the chemical biology platform in Oslo which is the national centre for chemical biology with a focus on immunology and personalised medicine, and worked with automated electrophysiology at Xention discovery, Cambridge UK. He holds a PhD in molecular pharmacology from the University of Nottingham.

        Remote video URL
        • Streamlined workflows for Assay Data Processing: From Signals Notebook to Signals VitroVivo presented by Jeff Kumer, Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer Informatics.
        • Signals Notebook Continuous Improvement Program: Contributing to our roadmap presented by Anne Ballard, Signals Notebook Product Manager – Customer Success, PerkinElmer Informatics.
        • Open Office Hours.
        Revvity Signals Software Speakers
        Jeff Kummer
        Jeff Kumer

        Field Application Scientist

        Jeff Kumer is a member of the Field Application Scientist team at PerkinElmer Informatics. Prior joining PerkinElmer, Jeff studied Physiological science and Biomechanics in the University of California education system. Jeff has 11 years of experience in the biotech industry, performing many different types of in vivo models and ex vivo assays for 4 different biotech companies and UCSF. Then, Jeff worked for 11 years as a subject matter expert at an in vivo study management software company, managing customer relationships and assisting in the development of software suite from the scientists’ perspective.

        Anne Ballard
        Anne Ballard

        Signals Notebook Product Manager – Customer Success

        Anne Ballard is a product manager for Signals Notebook focusing on Customer requested enhancements to core functionality. Prior to her work at PerkinElmer, she worked building software solutions to connect laboratories with their clinical clients. She has a background in molecular biology and genetics and earned a Masters in biology from American University.

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        Agenda: Streamlining Analytical Workflows in Signals™ Notebook
        • Signals Notebook: Task & Request management from planning to instrument integration
        • Tetra Data Platform: Centralization and harmonization of scientific data
        • Signals Notebook Open Office Hours Q&A
        Remote video URL
        • Parallel Experiments, presented by Jinsoo Kim
        • Signals Inventory: Find, request and track materials within your ELN, presented by Jeff Kumer
        • Open Office Hours

        Explore how you can work with Signals Notebook and your biological sequences.