TetraScience Announces Collaboration with Revvity Signals

TetraScience Announces Collaboration with Revvity Signals

BOSTON, Mass., February 23, 2022 — /PRNewswire/ — TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced today a new collaboration with Revvity Signals business to facilitate faster and better scientific decision-making for customers of Revvity Signals Research™ Suite, a leading cloud-based, electronic lab notebook and informatics platform.

Around the world today, millions of scientists at leading and emerging scientific research organizations use Revvity Signal's informatics solutions to better capture, process, analyze and connect around their critical data to help drive more informed R&D and clinical decisions.

With the new collaboration, TetraScience will provide Revvity Signals Research Suite customers with vendor-agnostic, configurable and productized instrument integrations via its Tetra R&D Data Cloud that will enhance data interoperability and reduce time to scientific outcomes.

“We are thrilled to partner with Revvity Signals, who provides industry-leading informatics capabilities, so that customers can realize the benefits of their science faster,” says Alan Millar, Ph.D., VP of Business Development, Tetra Partner Network. We are honored to help extend a new paradigm of integrated informatics solutions centered around Revvity Signals Research Suite that will accelerate deployment, workflow automation, and data analytics to facilitate faster and better scientific insights.”

One of the biggest challenges for laboratories performing routine and advanced analysis today is integrating multiple instruments, which produce data in unique formats, into seamless and high-performing workflows. By utilizing the Tetra R&D Data Cloud, the heterogeneous data formats will be engineered and harmonized into “Tetra Data”, a vendor-neutral data model, that will create bidirectional data liquidity between Signals Research Suite and connected laboratory instruments.

“Modern laboratory informatics are a critical element in digital transformation,” says David Gosalvez, Ph.D., Executive Director, Product Strategy, Revvity Signals. “Revvity Signals continues to be a leader in applying the latest, most robust technologies to our cloud-based solutions. This collaboration will allow our customers to gain end-to-end workflow automation much more rapidly, allowing them to ask smarter questions and get faster answers from their research.

“We admire Revvity Signal's leadership in embracing the need for an open ecosystem where data moves through the analytical laboratory and pharmaceutical ecosystem without constraints,” says Patrick Grady, CEO of TetraScience. “We welcome them to the Tetra Partner Network. This collaboration combines the unique strengths of each company to produce unparalleled value to customers seeking unrestricted scientific innovation.”

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