Find and Analyze Scientific Results

Accelerate invention by modernizing your scientific decision support tools.

Signals Inventa, formerly known as Signals Lead Discovery, is a next generation data management system for analysis of scientific results. Powered by Revvity’s innovative Signals Data Factory technology it enables you to efficiently access and analyze all scientific results collected throughout the research and development lifecycle.

Signals Inventa offers all the chemical and biological analytic functionality of Lead Discovery Premium plus advanced query and data management capabilities. Efficiently find and retrieve any test or assay result plus associated compound or biologic information across experiments, projects and departments. Experience sub-second query responses across even the largest of datasets. Easily transfer only the relevant subsets of data into analytic dashboards without any manual data wrangling and reformatting.


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Quickly Gain Insight into Chemical & Biomolecular Research Data

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    No matter what you make, Signals Inventa helps you decide which tests offer the best results, what you should make next, what to test further, and lots more. With Signals Inventa, data is normalized, staged, and ready to explore.

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    The “gotchas” in your workflows have typically been the ingesting of data and the ability to rapidly search for/find data you want. Signals Inventa solves these challenges with a guided experience for search and query with the flexibility you need to include or exclude data on the fly.

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    Signals Inventa expands scientific understanding with a range of scientific analytical methods, including R-group decomposition, chemical clustering, matched molecular pair analysis, maximum chemical substructure, BLAST search of both internal and external databases, and sequence alignment.

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    Signals Inventa is built on a horizontally scalable architecture patterned after the massively scalable technologies employed by Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It provides sub-second response no matter how voluminous your data may be.

    Select the Right Compounds Faster

    Find and Re-Use Data in Seconds

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    Signals Inventa contains all the functionality offered in Lead Discovery Premium plus additional powerful search and data management capabilities. Signals Inventa lets researchers focus on science, not software. Powered by Revvity's Signals Data Factory and Spotfire analytics and visualization software, Signals Inventa frees researchers to explore the data they want, when they want, how they want. Better tools for data retrieval and analysis means more time for critical thinking and a deeper understanding of experimental results. The self-service search and guided analytics leads to faster insight and less biased scientific decisions. Instant feedback on the availability and quality of data reduces the time spent running queries, while standardized analysis dashboards lower the barriers for project team communication and expedite candidate selection.