Holistic & adaptive clinical analytic solutions

Rapidly explore clinical trial and biomarker data for proactive decision making through near-real-time data connectivity, interactive visualizations, collaboration tools, and predictive analytics.


Experience the power of fast, flexible clinical trial analytics to support clinical and operational decisions and speed promising treatments to market.

Deliver fast, flexible clinical trial insights

Learn how the use of FAIR Data Principles in clinical development can help you spend less time managing data and more time delivering clinical trial insights to inform clinical and operational decisions.

Speed and agility without compromising quality

Revvity Clinical Solutions, powered by Spotfire, provide a single unified platform to support your data analytics – from source to visualization to action 

Connect & combine

Connect & combine all major data sources

Gain insights

Centralized analytics for the entire clinical R&D lifecycle

Make informed decisions

Track data review status, collaborate, & highlight outliers

Drive safety, efficacy and quality

Rapidly configurable for any study or therapy

Accelerate speed to market

Create biomarker led trials with higher success rates

Adaptive analytics accelerating the clinical development lifecycle

    Enable active study data review

    Effectively monitor trial safety, efficacy, & data quality across the entire portfolio and rapidly respond to protocol amendments.

    Accelerate medical review

    Drive guided processes through the medical monitoring practice including safety analysis and line listing review while preventing study biasing.

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    Forecast operational milestones

    Identify & communicate milestone, recruitment, site, & protocol deviation challenges to the entire team.

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    Centrally monitor key risks

    Better forecast challenges unique to my protocol or therapy and leverage methods available to centrally monitor my study.

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    Ensure post-market safety

    Identify the best methods to identify safety signals across internal, public, and other data sets. Proactively detect safety and efficacy from real world data.

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    Create biomarker led trials

    Enable researchers to identify biomarkers that allow for better cohort selection and improved patient stratification.


    The Revvity Clinical analytics platform, powered by global analytics leader Spotfire, provides a portfolio of purpose-built solutions that help improve efficiency across functional teams within Clinical Development. Our solutions support every use case, are fully customizable, and can harmonize real-time access to data from multiple sources throughout all phases of clinical development. Accessing the right data at the right time helps accelerate decisions and drive innovation from concept through trial completion and regulatory approvals, becoming an essential part of the pharmaceutical Research & Development workflow.