Signals Research Platform FAQs

This Platform seamlessly brings together Revvity Signals Software's Signals Notebook, the market’s most popular and fastest-growing cloud-based, electronic lab notebook with Signals VitroVivo 3.0 and Signals Inventa 3.0. This combination provides a truly innovative and powerful data management and analytics platform enabling better data-driven decisions that accelerate scientific discoveries.

    • To better align with our customers, while comprehensively representing Signals Software’s full portfolio offerings.
    • Signals Screening will be rebranded as Signals VitroVivo™ 3.0 with the SSC 2.8 release
    • Signals Lead Discovery will be rebranded as Signals Inventa™ 3.0 with the SLD 2.6 release
    • The new names are Latin which mean:

      • In Vitro – Within the glass or outside the living body

      • In Vivo – Within the living or inside the living body

    • The product itself hasn’t changed. We’ve renamed the products to represent Signals Software's full portfolio offerings more comprehensively.
    • Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Support who can direct you to the right person to help answer your questions.