Revvity Signals in Review 2023: Innovating Scientific Research & Development Strategies

2023 was exhilarating and we want to share our achievements with you. With rebrands, new product launches, collaborations, end-to-end software solutions, strong thought leadership and more we were busy – and we’re proud of what we accomplished in support of our scientific community. Read on for our highlights from 2023.

* Rebrands as Revvity Signals Software
May marks the start of spring - new life from old. Revvity, our new parent company name, a hybrid of revolutionize (Rev) and the Latin word for life (Vita), grew from a legacy of innovation and a commitment to revolutionize health science. Introduced on May 9, 2023, at Bio-IT World, the Revvity brand provides science-based software solutions that leverage innovation to help improve lives everywhere.

Rebranding didn’t end at our parent company name. The Informatics division of * also rebranded as Revvity Signals Software. Why Revvity Signals Software?

The choice to select ‘Signals’ as part of our business brand name is key because of its longstanding – and successful - presence in our product line. ‘Signals’ also symbolizes the passion and rigor we have for the work we do in providing solutions that empower our customers in their journeys toward groundbreaking discoveries in therapeutics and product development – discoveries that are always at the cutting edge of science.

Revvity Signals Software Launches Most Comprehensive Research SaaS Solution
Our state-of-the-art Saas Platform was the first release under the new Revvity Signals Software brand, with more releases planned. Signals Research Suite, the unified, cloud-native solution (an integration of the trusted Revvity Signals Software Signals Notebook, VitroVivo, and Inventa applications) supports scientists through the drug discovery and development process from early research to in-vitro testing and safety to early development, as well as specialty chemicals new product development.

Scientists are excited about Signals Research Suite and its potential for easy collaboration across R&D disciplines. Our end-to-end software solutions put an end to traditional siloed approaches in drug development. Enabling faster drug and material development along with improved data, insights, and outcomes, it leaves slower Make-Test-Decide cycle times in the dust. With these drug discovery workflows, researchers gain complete control of all their workflows across every assay technique, modality, and data type to empower better interaction between multidisciplinary project teams.

It’s revolutionary…and secure. Following best practices for data security, Signals Research Suite provides 365, 24/7 global security monitoring, alerting, and escalation, supporting regulatory compliance.

Researchers Can Do More Science
Revvity Signals Software heard the frustration of researchers spending too much time slogging through learning curves and endless maneuvering around their informatics tools rather than spending their valuable time on science. Our customers also feedback on the value of the SaaS version of Signals Notebook. So, we responded with a SaaS end-to-end workflow solution in Signals Research Suite - a next-generation data management and scientific analytics system, allowing researchers to focus more time on the science of chemical and biomolecular research.

Scientists now have guided search and analysis workflows and dynamic data visualizations. The platform is intuitive and access to the data needed is not only faster, but the system’s guided search and query experience anticipates their needs. The true value of integrated search and data management enables researchers to better visualize multiple assay types and datasets holistically giving them better insights into Structure Activity Relationships, e.g., R-group decomposition, matched molecular pair analysis, activity cliff, etc. It’s a win for researchers and their work.

Signals DLX™ Powered by Scitara®
Revvity Signals Software and Scitara® created a strategic partnership in 2023. Revvity Signals Software combined our Signals platform with the Scitara® Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™) technology to create Signals Digital Lab Exchange (Signals DLX™). This unification digitally transforms R&D labs into openly interconnected laboratories as part of a dependable and cloud-based ecosystem.

Signals DLX™ is an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) purpose-built to break down the barriers to instrument connectivity and improve productivity in laboratory settings. With a seamless, multi-directional data exchange, scientists can focus on innovation rather than integration issues. Combined with capabilities built into the Revvity Signals Software solution, users can:

  • Accelerate research with digital instrument links enabling automated data collection and analysis.
  • Streamline collaboration and reduce documentation by connecting to Signals Notebook across your lab.
  • Exchange information seamlessly across platforms through Scitara's iPaaS for a truly integrated lab environment.
  • Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies within a common digital infrastructure.
  • Automate tasks, enable intelligent user notifications, and exchange data securely across the entire platform.
  • Capture and reconstruct data at any time to gather insight into lab operations and accelerate decision-making.

HELM Hits the Market
Revvity Signals Software harnessed the power and precision of a Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM) as a pivotal tool in drug discovery. In 2023, we incorporated its capabilities into the Signals platform to ensure streamlined representation and efficient management of macromolecules.

With HELM, we provided another important tool to chemistry and biology teams. HELM can illustrate new therapeutic modalities, manage vast molecular databases, build and communicate macromolecules to increase the speed and efficiency of a new drug’s life cycle, while ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and manageability.

Product Leaders Workshop for Signals Notebook
We hosted our first workshop for product leaders, bringing together customers and product management. Our goals were to:

  • Build a customer-customer network.
  • Share our product vision.
  • Explore industry demands and trends.

Revvity Signals Software Hosts NEXUS North America (NA) and NEXUS Europe
Revvity Signals Software hosted our annual software user conferences in 2023. NEXUS NA was held virtually on October 18 & 19. NEXUS Europe was held in person in Darmstadt, Germany on October 25 & 26 and was hosted by Merck KgaA. Both events allowed attendees to connect with Revvity Signals Software team members and peers across industries.

Keynote speakers shared information and stories on research, clinical, and digital transformation. We also heard case studies and insights, which provided opportunities for collaboration. Some of the companies presenting in addition to Revvity Signals Software were: Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, AstraZeneca, CatSci, Chiesi Ltd, DSM-Firmenich, Electronics, Eli Lilly, Exscientia, GSK, Janssen, Merck, MilliporeSigma, Nimbus Therapeutics, Proteovant Therapeutics, Recursis, Revvity, Roche Diagnostics, Sygnature Discovery, and 20/15 Visioneers.

In addition, attendees also enjoyed presentations from our partners, Spotfire, Scitara, Labtwin and our hosts Merck KgA.

Signal Clinical also launched at NEXUS 2023. Signals Clinical addresses clinical development in a single analytics platform. This platform provides the rapid delivery of clinical insights, which are imperative to clinical and operational study decisions.

We’re already looking forward to NEXUS 2024!

Thought Leadership 2023 Roundup
In 2023, the Revvity Signals Software team published several thought leadership articles in and MIT Technical Review. These articles provide our scientific community with information about seamlessly sharing data, speeding drug development, new developments in next-generation software and the benefits of digital transformation in drug discovery labs.

  • Cutting-edge tools keep pace with drug discovery’s data deluge
    This piece addresses the need for a seamless approach to sharing data between remote teams; one that can handle high volume screening of millions of compounds in one experiment. Gone are the days when a piecemeal approach can do the job.
  • Make, test, decide: how to save precious time in drug discovery
    Time is of the essence, particularly when it comes to the work in drug discovery labs. The process is highly complex and labor-intensive making efficiency critical. Biotech and pharma researchers recognize the logic in outsourcing software development to the experts.
  • Drug discovery labs look to the digital future
    This interview with the Executive Director of Science and Technology at Revvity Signals Software, David Gosalvez, spoke about the work of his teams on next-generation informatics software and exciting new products.
  • Creative chemistry: Adapting to the 21st Century
    Revvity Signals Software partnered with MIT Technical Review on this piece highlighting how the chemicals sector touches consumer goods from clothes and home insulation to fertilizer and medicine. As a high energy-user, the industry is in a race to find eco-friendly products. Regulations are tightening, consumers are pressuring companies, and the industry sees the benefits of the role digital capabilities can play in creating a toxin-free environment.


Looking Ahead in 2024 and Beyond
With new product introductions, new alliances, and finding the “impossible” as inspiration, 2023 was a busy and exciting year. Now, we’re preparing for a marathon where the goalposts are a healthier humankind.

This year the Revvity Signals Software team is focused on extending workflow capabilities from research into development, updating ChemDraw, adding artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive analytics, introducing Signals Synergy to address the long standing problem of external collaboaration, and better integrating third-party capabilities.

We are looking forwards to 2024 and beyond!

Mary Donlan, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Product Marketing

Mary Donlan, Ph.D., leads the Product Marketing team at Revvity Signals. She has 20+ years of Life science enterprise software experience in marketing, business development and field applications. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania.