Solutions from assay development through large molecule development

You can have it all. Revvity Signals Software builds scientific intelligence into all our Signals solutions to facilitate modern biology workflows. They are purpose-built on the latest technology to carry your company into the future.


Explore how you can work with Signals Notebook and your biological sequences.

Biology Informatics Solutions for Assay and Large Molecule Development

Drug discovery is complex, time-consuming, expensive, and the risk of failure is high.  The Revvity Signals BioELN solution, based on the Signals Research Suite, gives biologists complete control of their workflows across every assay technique, modality, and data type to empower better interaction between multidisciplinary project teams.

BioELN - Data Management Reimagined

Biologists push the boundaries of knowledge with complex and diverse experiments. Your data management solution should be as cutting-edge as your research. Explore how you can revolutionize your discovery workflow.

Biology solutions for enterprise-class workflows.
Today’s technology for today’s scientific challenges.

Molecular Biology Experiments

Cloning and material management tightly integrated with experimental workflows, including cloning procedures, primer & plasmid design and management, sequence registration, and more.

Assay Development Data

For seamless communication between assay development, HTS, and hit validation steps and teams.

In Vitro, In Vivo, Bioprocess Data

A scalable system that supports synthetic, analytical, (bio) formulations and (bio) process scientists, as well as biologists working in areas from screening to preclinical and clinical development.

An Automated Deep-Learning Workflow

Imaging-based phenotypic screening of cell-based disease models has become an indispensable tool for modern drug discovery. Recent advances in deep learning have enabled the possibility of automating these analyses. Analyze multiple image datasets with minimal tuning or optimization.

From Assay Development to Candidate Selection

Extend SAR analysis capabilities to include both small and large molecules and biologics. All in a single platform.

Data management & data analysis for all modalities

With a flexible data model at its core, an integrated platform unites assay development, low throughput to ultra-high throughput production assays, in-vitro and in vivo studies all in a single platform.

Molecular Biology Demo

In this short video Signals Software's Signals Notebook is introduced and demonstrated for Biologists. Watch how you can use and embed sequence information and samples in your experiments.

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Unique Capabilities to Orchestrate Biology R&D

Quickly locate and assemble accurate, comprehensive data for collaboration and intelligent analysis.

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    Comprehensive Data Analysis

    Assay development, low throughput, to ultra-high throughput production assays, HTS, in vivo and in vitro studies all in single platform.

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    Publish & Search

    Access internally obtained and publicly biology data in an environment that stimulates hypothesis development and powers decision support.


    Get empowered to handle hundreds of different data formats; process your biology data, extract meaning from the data, then easily share the data – all within a single platform – the Revvity Signals BioELN solution.