Industry-leading chemistry applications and software

Revvity Signals Software has a long history of developing and providing industry-leading chemistry solutions starting with ChemDraw over 35 years ago. It has continued with powerful ELN solutions for medicinal and synthetic chemistry, as well as, advanced data analytics with chemical intelligence.


Experience the power of a ChemDraw-smart ELN with our interactive demo of Signals Notebook for Chemistry. Discover how you can take your drug discovery research to the next level!

Enterprise Solutions for Discovery Chemistry

The success of every medicinal chemistry project from conception to clinical trials is predicated on the ability to manage vast quantities of computerized data.  The Signals Research Suite gives more scientific quality time to medicinal and synthetic chemists, improving their chances of successfully bringing new therapeutics to market. 

Transforming pharmaceutical and chemistry R&D

Discover how digital innovation is transforming pharmaceutical and chemistry R&D by accelerating scientific discovery. 

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    ChemOffice+ Cloud

    From drawing reactions to processing instrument data, to structuring experimental data, ChemOffice Professional has you covered no matter what type of chemist you are.

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    Signals Notebook

    Assay development, low throughput, to ultra-high throughput production assays, HTS, in vivo & in vitro studies all in single platform.

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    Lead Discovery Premium

    Powered by Spotfire, Lead Discovery Premium provides a highly visual interactive environment for exploring chemical & associated biological assay results. 


    Today's chemists lack the scientific quality time needed to be inventive and creative. Signals for Discovery Chemistry - the only platform natively powered by ChemDraw and Spotfire - gives you back this time and boosts the success rate of your drug discovery projects through two modern applications: Signals Notebook and Signals Inventa. Click on the blue buttons on the left to learn more.